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Q Why is the registration closed.
 We have always said that the numbers will be restricted to 350 people maximum.
The registration was open for 4 months, but we are afraid we have reached our maximum number and have stopped taking any more.
We will have to enforce the maximum number of 350 attendees to make the occasion enjoyable for all.
Q Do I need to get a visa to get into Laos
1. Non ASEAN nationalities- You must get a 30 day tourist visa on arrival at the airport or coming across the majority of land border crossings.
All the tourist visas cost between USD30 to USD40. It depends on your nationality. All tourist visas are for 30 days. You are not able the get a shorter, and cheaper, tourist visa.
You must pay in US dollars. They may accept Thai Baht but it will be a lot more expensive.
You must have a passport size photo of yourself to hand over with the visa application. Some border crossings may do a photo for you, others will not. Bring a passport size photo with you.
2. People using an ASEAN country passport will receive a free visitors stamp.
Q Can I get a tourist visa before leaving to go to Laos?
 Yes, contact the nearest Lao Embassy to you.
Q What money should I take to Laos?
 The Lao currency is called the Kip. It is recommended that this is what you change your foreign currency into when you are here. Thai baht and US dollars are also accepted in most bars, restaurants and shops. Money exchange shops are everywhere. ATM`s that allow withdrawals from foreign VisaCards and MasterCard`s are everywhere. Banks that allow withdrawals from foreign VisaCards and MasterCard`s are everywhere.
The Kip cannot be changed back to another currency outside of Laos. Change any unused Kip back to another currency before you leave, or donate it to a worthy cause in Laos.
Q What is a sherker?
 Turn up late for a run and you will find out.
Q Where should I stay?
 We believe TripAdvisor, or any of the other review sites, are just as good to get the deal you want. Try to stay within walking distance of the City Inn, Vientiane. This hotel will be used for final registration formalities, collecting goodie bags, Friday night meet and greet, and the buses will be leaving from here on the Saturday.
Q How to I get from the airport to my hotel?
 Go to the taxi counter at the airport and ask for a taxi to your hotel. Approximately 4 kilometers and K80,000.
There is a money exchange office and ATM`s at the airport.
Q How do I get from the Friendship Bridge with Thailand to my hotel.
 There are buses, taxis, unofficial taxis, mini vans. The touts will be all over you when you arrive.
Approximately 22 kilometers and K20,000. for the bus, K80,000 for a shared taxi.
There is a money exchange office and ATM`s at the bridge.
Q What is the exchange rate to change money into kip?
 Approximate as at 1st March 2017
1USD=8,100Kip 1AUD=6,200Kip 1EUR=8,500Kip 100 Baht=23,000Kip
Q Is Sir Tapeworm MD OBE really 187 years old?
Q Can I pay by bank transfer?
 No, we have had some very bad experiences with people trying to pay by bank transfer. Please contact us if so not have access to a credit card or PayPal account.
Q I have a strange, somewhat different, some would say stupid, question to ask. Can I contact some body?
 Please do. Email hashcash@imh2017.com
Many people have said we are strange, somewhat different, some would say stupid, so you are in good hands. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Q Should I get Travel and Medical Insurance before I go the Laos?
It is a Least Developed Country, and you are not as young as you once were.